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Presidents' Update

Container questionnaire has been sent to members, do we allow or not allow long term storage containers in Kawela.

New Kaoini Beach Park Rental Policy effective June 1st, 2017. Click the link for the new Kaoini Beach Park Rental Policy & Application

Your current 2017 - 2018 board members are:
Dave Cefola (President; term expires 2018)
Butch Haase (Vice-President; term expires 2019)
Kirby Kester (Board Member; term expires 2020)
Scott Shelton (Secretary; term expires 2020)
Joe Kitagawa (Board Member; term expires 2018)
John Doyle (Resigned May 2017; term expires 2019)
Bliss Newman-Parker (Board Member; term expires 2020)
Steve Deno (Board Member; filling John Doyle's term)

Our future focus for 2017 includes:
- Continuation of the new-well study.
- Research alternative-energy options for the office and well power.
- Upgrading of Emergency Response Procedure for critical KPHA functions.
- Review of DC&Rs.
- Implementation of the KPHA Strategic Watershed Management Plan.
- Development of KPHA Long-Range Plan.

We want to thank all of you that have offered insight, suggestions, and recommendations over the last year. The board is committed to ensuring our community continues to be a great place to live, work, and play. With your input, we strive to be a better organization.

Kind regards,
Dave Cefola
KPHA Board President

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