A Modern Ahupuaa<BR>
The traditional land division in old Hawaii called ahupua'a extended from the ocean to the mountain. This ensured access to all the natural resources required by the Hawaiian community of fish from the sea, crops from the fertile low lands, wood, water, and wild game from the mountains.<BR>
Kawela was, and is again, an ahupua'a. A community of 210 families each with their two-acre agriculture lot, a three- and-one-half acre ocean park to launch their boats for fishing, and approximately 5,500 acres of land for agricultural use, and game hunting in the mountains. Water is provided by a private water system owned by the homeowners of Kawela.<BR>
Due to scarcity of fee simple land in Hawaii, it was Senator Yee's dream to create a modern "ahupua'a" for families who want to enjoy and preserve the wide open spaces of Kawela, not only for themselves but also for generations to come. A clubhouse has been built for the management and use of Kawela owners. A private water system was installed to insure each owner has sufficient water for domestic as well as agricultural use.<BR>
Each owner is assessed a reasonable monthly fee for the maintenance of the common elements. A Board of Directors is elected annually to manage the affairs of Kawela Plantation.<BR>
Each lot has a spectacular view of the leeward coastline, Lanai, Maui, Kahoolawe and the Kalohi Channel. Each lot gives each owner the ultimate privacy for living.