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Aloha KPHA Members,

We hope this finds you all well, sheltering at home and social distancing when you must go outside.  In light of the newly identified Covid-19 case on Molokai and the possibility of many people being exposed because it was a Friendly Market employee, KPHA wanted to reach out and let everyone know the measures the Board of Directors have taken to keep our KPHA staff and membership safe.

KPHA Water System
First, we want to assure you that the water system is working fine and without issue.  Our water continues to flow, is safe to drink and we will continue to monitor the system as we have done in the past, so there are no changes with our water system.  

If you have any issues regarding water, you may call the office (808-553-4223), leave a message and we will return your call.  If you have a water emergency (ex.:  no water, you see water gushing down the street or through a vacant property) you may still call the water emergency number (808-213-5084) and we will respond.
Water and HOA payments will still be accepted (via mail, online, phone in or drop box) and invoices will still go out as they normally do.

KPHA Staffing
We will be rotating all staff (common grounds/water system crew as well as office staff) so that we can abide by the social distancing as directed by the mayor’s office.  Because of this, hours of operation will be restricted and varied but we will still be available to answer any questions or concerns, take reservations and payments and function regularly.

**PLEASE:  We ask that if you see our common grounds/water system operators out on the road, please keep social distancing and safety in mind and do not engage them in conversations.  They need to be kept safe just as you need to be kept safe.  If you have questions for them, please phone the office and we will get them the message.  As well, we ask that you limit your office visits to using the drop box for payments or keys, with all other communications taking place via phone or email.  Mahalo!

KPHA Hunters
Hunting reservations will remain as scheduled.  Hunters will be notified by the office regarding key pick up prior to your reservations.  Please drop off keys in the drop box.

KPHA Support
We understand that this is an unnerving time, and many may feel stressed, isolated or even need extra support.  We have found that neighbors helping neighbors is an amazing thing, especially in times of uncertainty.  We would encourage all KPHA members, especially those who are on island right now, to reach out to your neighbors who live close by and do a check-in.  This is a great time to exchange phone numbers or emails and ask for support or ask if they need anything.  With some store closures, and uncertain hours, some might be in need of supplies that you could offer, or you might have need as well.  When time are tough, people step up and help each other and that is a great feeling!

If you are on island without support, please reach out to the office and we will be happy to do what we can to help you!  

Covid-19 Updates
There are many ways to access the most current coronavirus information:  Our website ( has a link to the Maui County website:, you can go to Hawaii News Now website, if you are a Facebook user you can access the Molokai Dispatch Facebook page for updates or you can Google updates online.  

Let us know if you have any questions!   Mahalo as always and please stay home and stay safe!

KPHA Board of Directors
Kawela Plantation Homeowner’s Association 
Please use existing Maui County Department of Health Guidelines for the response to coronavirus: