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Homeowners are financially responsible for all water loss beyond the meter. Please protect your backflow preventer assembly from deer damage and inspect your water system for leaks. Click here Backflow Preventer Protection to view a photo of a KPHA homeowner's BFP protection installation which still allows visibility and access for maintenance and monitoring.


The KPHA water system is operated and maintained through the associations' own staff. We have 24 hour day coverage to insure compliance with all Federal, State, and County drinking water regulations. In addition, we have qualified personnel to carry out the mandatory water quality testing. The Association owns the water system up to the water meter and currently the Association is responsible for repairs up to that point. Repair on any part of the water system after the water meter, is the responsibility of the lot owner. Careful monitoring for water loss has resulted in reducing the amount of unaccounted for water significantly, Plans are in progress to upgrade well and booster meters, and the telemetric system, to further improve service and efficiency. Problems involving the water system should be reported to Penny at 808-553-4223. If it is after normal working hours, you will be directed to an emergency number 808-213-5084. Requests for installation of water meters are processed through the office at PO Box 28, Kaunakakai, HI 96748, phone 808-553-4223, or fax 808-553-3996. The Association encourages members to be conservative in their water use, it is a precious resource. In keeping with the commitment to reduce water loss through any leakage, lot owners are notified should a leak be evident on a lot. *************************************************************** Mission Statement: Provide for the management, maintenance, protection, preservation, architectural control and development of Kawela Plantation, and to promote the health, safety and welfare of its members. By operating our water system in a professional and cost effective manner so as to deliver clean, safe, drinking water on a consistent basis we can protect our investment and consider future needs, based on full build-out. KPHA understands we share this valuable resource with the greater Molokai community and will always show our respect for the importance of this resource and the community in our actions. The Kawela Water System will provide safe, clean, and affordable drinking water to customers by ensuring the safety and security of its supply and the system, meeting existing and new regulations, and consistently improving operations. *************************************************************** For an in depth look at the water system please click on the link provided.
The Kawela Plantation Water System Report, PDF