News and Events

1.  Refuse Pickup
If you want refuse pickup, also known as Solid Waste Services from Maui County, you need to pay for that service.  You will need to set up an account (see application attached) with the county and follow their regulations.  Applications, rules and additional information regarding Maui County Solid Waste Services are available on the Maui County website: .  
Maui County will now start monitoring these refuse pickup areas in Kawela I, II and III.  If people are placing their refuse in Kawela without an account allowing them to do so, and they are caught, there will be fines levied.  If you believe you have an account with Maui County for refuse pickup and are not sure if your account is in good standing, please contact Maui County and they will let you know if your account is up to date.  Also, if you know of folks dropping of refuse in these areas that should not be, please let the office know about it.
I want to thank everyone for their support and abiding by the rules.  Of course, there is always the landfill, where you can bring your refuse to for free (unless you have large items or excessive amounts, in which case there may be a fee).

2.  Pothole Problems
We know potholes are as frustrating as they can be dangerous.  Many calls have been made to Maui County to take care of the problems, with limited success.  Some potholes get filled randomly, then the materials used empties out almost as quickly as they were filled.  If you have pothole issues, here is the contact information to use that Maui County has posted.
Pothole Information:
To report potholes, road drainage and other flooding issues, call:
•    Hāna District: (808) 876-4590
•    Lahaina District: (808) 270-4370
•    Lānaʻi District: (808) 565-7086
•    Makawao District: (808) 876-4535
•    Molokaʻi District: (808) 553-3222
•    Wailuku District: (808) 270-7443
Potholes also can be reported through the “COM Connect” App. The app allows users to submit photos of potholes or other public works issues via mobile devices. For more information on how to file a report, visit

2. KPHA COMMUNITY GATHERINGS:  Sunset in the Park 
     Due to Coivd-19, our Sunset in the Park events have been put on hold.  Our next scheduled event is July 26 and we will make a determination prior to the      event whether to reschedule or have the event.  We know these gatherings have been enjoyable to everyone and we hope to be able to get together once again, but we also want to make sure it's the right time with the right safety measures in place to keep everyone safe and healthy.  So stay tuned and we will let everyone know as soon as the decision is made!

3. SOLAR PROJECT UPDATE (March 24, 2020)
    The Solar Committee signed 3 contracts with Neighborhood Power:  Net Metering for the 
     Clubhouse and Deep Well I and the CBRE (Coomunity Based Renewable Energy) lease.  
     The clubhouse solar panels are installed and we are patiently waiting for this coronavirus 
     pandemic to subside so that Maui electric can send their crew to install and turn on the 
     meter. A big thank you to everyone on the Solar Committee:  
     Dick Glenn, Gladys Skinner,  Chuck Everhart, Tom Witte and Yvonne Everhart for their 
     time, their valuable input, their expertise and their commitment.  
4. Just F.Y.I...
    Sally Wise, homeowner of Lot 56 would like to introduce homeowners 
    to an app she is using and really loves.  It's used to help control water 
    usage and is called "B-hyve."  This app allows you to convert your hose 
    faucet into smart watering that can be controlled via Wi-Fi from 
    anywhere in the world.  B-hyve lets you control a standard hose faucet 
    from your smartphone.  B-hyve states it's "Simple to setup, simple to 
    operate, and simple to save."                                                                 
    Go to <a href= target=new>Bhyve</a> for more information.