President's Update Annual Meeting 2020

Submitted by kawelapha on Tue, 06/02/2020 - 10:07

Aloha KPHA Homeowners,

We had a successful Annual Homeowners Meeting on March 14, 2020. KPHA has new technology that enabled us to present the entire meeting on PowerPoint. That presentation will be available on the website and you may also request a copy from the KPHA office. The membership was able to complete all KPHA business by 11:31 am.

Thank you to all who sent their proxies in early and to all who attended. Quorum was met with 111. THANK YOU!

What happened at our meeting?

  • The Carryover to the Capital Reserve Fund was ratified
  • The Election of two new Board Members to the KPHA five member board
  • The 2020 Board of Directors:
    • President: Stan Anderson Term expires 2023
    • Vice President: Yvonne Everhart Term expires 2021
    • Secretary: Kathy Doyle Term expires 2021
    • Treasurer: David Kolb Term expires 2022
    • Director: Cheryl Ruffner Term expires 2023
  • The contracts with Neighborhood Power for the for the MECO Net Energy Metering (NEM) projects at the Office and Deep Well I and for the MECO Community-Based Renewable Energy(CBRE) Solar Project were reviewed - details were in your packet and in the Power Point Presentation
  • Thank you to the KPHA Members who volunteered for the following committees:
    • Design Committee:  Cyrus Siu, Ketty Mobed, Levie Yamazaki-Gray with Cheryl Ruffner as Chair of the committee
    • New Replacement Well Development committee; Dick Glenn
    • DC& R Review and Revision Committee: Levie Yamazaki-Gray, Cyrus Siu, John Nash

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 the KPHA Sunset in the Park events for March 15th and April 26th were canceled. The Sunset in the Park events have been postponed until we can safely gather once Covid-19 is no longer a threat.  These events were a huge success, and we look forward to seeing you again at Sunset in the Park in the not too distant future. 

Trusting you are well,

Yvonne Everhart

2019 KPHA Board President